If you’d like to grow your business and attract new customers on Facebook, here’s how I can help you:


1) Audit of your Facebook business page – US$ 7


Quick audit of your Facebook page. I’ll review your business page and will send you a 15 minutes video with overview and analysis of your business page. Video will include tips on how to improve your page and ideas on how to attract more of your ideal clients through Facebook.

Please contact me to order the Audit.

I only offer a limited number of Audits per month, so please contact me to check if this offer is currently available.


2) One-On-One Consultation 


1-hour Skype session to discuss your Facebook strategy and content plan, answer your Facebook ads questions, review your existing Facebook ad campaigns, analyze your target audience and so on (mutual screen sharing is available).

Please contact me for further details and to book a session.

I will send you a list of questions prior to the call to understand your goals and topics you’d like to discuss.


3) Facebook marketing strategy 

  1. In-depth analysis of your Ideal Customer Avatar and Audience on Facebook
    – detailed ideal customer profile for your business (interests, pages liked, demographics etc)
  2. Comprehensive audit of your competitors’ Facebook pages and audience
  3. Facebook Marketing Strategy for your business
    – Leveraging you business page properly to attract new audience and customers
    – Generating traffic to your website
    – Types of content to promote engagement on your page
    – Content calendar/plan – Facebook groups for business
  4. Targeted Advertising strategy to attract consistent leads and sales
    – successful Facebook ad campaigns tips: ad copy, images, split-testing, targeting options
    – step-by-step plan to grow your audience and potential customers with Facebook ads
  5. Email marketing strategy using Facebook organic and paid traffic
  6. Tips on other marketing tools integration:
    – landing pages
    – email service providers


4) Facebook Ad campaign management


Set up and optimization of Facebook ad campaigns. Research of target audience for campaigns (including interests, demographics, custom and lookalike audiences – based on your list of customers). Complete maintenance of ad campaigns.

Please contact me for further details.



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